We knew that we wanted consistency across all web sites, so that we showed the same message in all regions of the globe. Nuclear Ape managed this exactly to our requirements. They have also been invaluable in helping us to set up our ecommerce to minimize admin and paperwork.~ Eric Banagan, Founder – LifeVac Europe ltd

LifeVac is a new invention that is used to save the lives of choking victims. The product is gaining huge momentum in the UK and USA with coverage on ABC7, SNN and numerous radio talk-shows (all of which can be found here).

This site is actually the EU sister site of which we were asked to re-create as close as possible with one major difference… As it is aimed at a European audience, we had to translate it into UK English and change all the statistics to be correct in the UK. Along the way we learned a lot about disabilities and the dangers many people face. It was humbling.

Although we didn’t exactly get our creative juices flowing on this one. It was surprising how much fun was in getting everything just the way they were on the USA site, it provided a challenge that was absolute. Sure we can design our own ideas… but can we accurately create a site based on an existing one?

We feel this site showed our ability to fulfil an exact request. If you know exactly what you want your site to look like… Take a look at the USA site and then check out the EU site and see if you think we did a good job recreating it.

or have a look via my fully interactive live demo below