The Hempiness Kitchen

Hempiness Kitchen needed a platform to showcase what we offer and a visual aid to help distinguish between two different styles of catering. We offer Bespoke Vegetarian Catering as Hempiness Kitchen and Festival Catering as The Hemp Hut, and Hanuman at Nuclear Ape was able to design a personalised website to help demonstrate all aspects of the business and our style. The Website has really helped give our business the level of professionalism it needed. Working directly with Han has been invaluable to perfecting exactly what we wanted and he delivered above and beyond what we could have imagined. Thanks so much Nuclear Ape! ~ Jasmin Giles & Laura Elsaesser – Director’s @ Hempiness Kitchen

The Hempiness Kitchen are a Welsh based catering company that want to embrace the wonders of hemp as an ingredient in cooking. We designed them this single page WordPress site to showcase their beliefs and skills. The website is completely managed by themselves through an extremely simple to manage CMS.

Nuclear Ape have completed the following areas of their business for them:

  • The design and development of their CMS website.
  • Creation and design of their logo.
  • Design of their business cards.
  • Training in the use of the CMS.
  • SEO Training.
  • The management of their server, hosting, domain name and email addresses.

The website is hosted on the Nuclear Ape Cloud server, a state of the art server securely housed in Manchester which I can boast has a 100% uptime guarantee.

or have a look via my fully interactive live demo below