Nuclear Ape – Pembrokeshire’s premier WooCommerce developer

My name is Hanuman and Nuclear Ape is the web design and development company I run from Pembrokeshire, Wales. I provide strikingly aesthetic websites crafted to the highest modern standards. I can truthfully say that all my clients continue to be happy and impressed with the level of service they receive.

My speciality is e-commerce development and my weapon of choice is WooCommerce.

After designing for a decade and releasing 100+ websites into the wild I am bringing a new company to the table. I recognise the effort that all you proud start-ups, mad entrepreneurs and respected business owners have put into your businesses – I am here to match that effort with my own expertise and give you all of you the websites you deserve.

When you get a site designed & developed by me you also get the opportunity to host it on the Nuclear Ape Server, a state of the art server securely housed in Manchester which I can boast has a 100% uptime guarantee. This is an exclusive server that you can only get on if I design your website. I do not sell space on this server to any old Joe Bloggs. This ensures you get the best, uncompromised hosting available.

Sounds good right? Don’t just take my word for it – check out my featured work below and see for yourself.