Chuckling Goat

Here at Chuckling Goat, we only sell to a few selected retailers such as Fortnum & Mason, so our website is really our main shop window. Hanuman at Nuclear Ape designed us such a fantastic website that we had 383% growth in sales in one year, although our budget for paid advertising is zero. We’ve been so happy with the professionalism and creativity that we find at Nuclear Ape – they are great partners, and the help of the whole crew there has enabled us to drive meteoric growth. Thanks, Nuclear Ape!~ Shann Jones, Director @ Chuckling Goat

The Chuckling Goat company is based in West Wales and is an excellent example of what I can do. I have been working tightly with them since their beginnings in 2013 and have become an integral element of their business.  Here is a run-down of the work I continue to do for Chuckling Goat:

  • The design and development of their ecommerce website.
  • The design of ALL their product packaging and labels.
  • Creation and design of all their promotional material and branding.
  • Design of their physical shop window vinyl.
  • The management of their private server over at UKFast.

or have a look via my fully interactive live demo below