Shann Nix Jones

This is the blog for Shann Nix Jones, the author of the Amazon Best Seller “Secrets From Chuckling Goat”. The blog has a very active community and is read by 100’s of people every day. The blog is built on the WordPress platform and is fully responsive. Like every site I build – the theme was developed from scratch, exactly to Shann’s requirements. The result of this is a thoroughly tested, high performing WordPress blog with a retro look and feel.

While struggling with my own family’s skin issues on the farm (eczema and MRSA) I discovered a natural solution for eczema, hay fever, allergies and asthma. All these things fit together – and a strong probiotic called kefir, taken orally and topically at the same time, can help. I needed a blog to help me spread this information and Hanuman has built an excellent one that I continue to be happy with. Couldn’t of done it without him. Shann Jones

or have a look via my fully interactive live demo below